Chuck Wagon

The Chuck Wagon is located on the top level of the Opry offering a large selection of hot & cold snacks and meals. Catering for private parties also available.
Contact Brian on 07853 257189 or Fran on 07723 792152

Hot Rolls
Bacon £1.60, Sausage £1.50, Egg £1.30, Potato Scone £1.30, Black Pudding £1.30
Double up from £1.80
Plain £1.80, Cheese £2.00, Chicken £2.20
On their own £1.60, with Cheese £1.90, with Gravy or Curry Sauce £ 2.00
£1.30 or with Beans / Peas £1.70
£2.00 with Cheese, Ham, Tomato or Onion
Add extra filling for 30p
Cold Rolls
Cheese or Ham £1.50
Add salad for 30p

Fish and Chips £4.50

Milk 80p, Tea £80p, Coffee £1.10

Chuck Wagon Specials
Soup £1.00
Macaroni Cheese £2.50
Macaroni Cheese and Chips £4.00
Mince and Potatoes £4.00
Braised Sausage & Mash £4.00
Steak Pie, Potatoes & Veg £5.00
Scampi & Chips £5.00
Lasagne, Garlic Bread and Salad £5.00
Steak & Chips £7.50
Above specials must be pre-ordered at least one week in advance.

Desserts from £2.50
3 course meals available from £8.00
Buffets available from £3.50
(Large parties and buffets need a deposit in advance) 
Other meals available on request

Christmas Menu available from 18th November to 17th December


Hogmanay |  Steak Pie Dinner, cost £6 will be available on Hogmanay night but must be pre-ordered by calling the numbers above, or by speaking to Fran if in Club.

All enquires to Brian or Fran – number at top of page.
Or email

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