Chuck Wagon

The Chuck Wagon is located on the top level of the Opry offering a large selection of hot & cold snacks and meals. Catering for private parties also available.
Contact Brian on 07853 257189 or Fran on 07723 792152 or e-mail to


Hot Rolls
Bacon £1.80, Sausage £1.60, Egg £1.30, Potato Scone £1.30, Black Pudding £1.40
Double up from £2.00

Plain £2.00, Cheese £2.20, Chicken £2.40

On their own £1.80, with Cheese £2.20, with Gravy or Curry Sauce*£ 2.20
* Curry Sauce only available upstairs

£1.40 or with Beans / Peas £1.80

£2.00 with Cheese, Ham, Tomato or Onion 1 filling
Add extra filling for 30p. Add salad for 30p

Cold Rolls
Cheese,  Ham or Tuna Mayo £1.50
Add salad for 30p

Fish and Chips £5.00
Scrambled Egg on Toast £2.00

Milk 50p, Tea £80p, Coffee £1.00

Chuck Wagon Specials
Soup £1.20
Macaroni Cheese £3.00
Macaroni Cheese and Chips £4.50
Mince and Potatoes £4.00
Braised Sausage & Mash £4.00
Steak Pie, Potatoes & Veg £5.00
Scampi & Chips £5.50
Lasagne, Garlic Bread and Salad £5.50
Steak & Chips £8.00

Above specials must be pre-ordered at least one week in advance as cooked to order.
Large Parties and Buffets require a deposit in advance.

Desserts from £2.50
3 course meals available from £10.00

Buffet Prices

Mixed Sandwiches £3.00
Mixed Sandwiches and Sausage Rolls £3.50
Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages and Vol au Vents £4.00
Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages, Vol au Vents, Chicken Bites £4.50
Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages, Vol au Vents, Chicken Drumsticks (Plain Roasted or Marinated in Spice or Lemon & Herb)

Hot Buffet availaable from £8.00

Barbecue Ribs
Spicy Chicken Wings
Savoury Bites
Roast Chicken Drumsticks
Sausage Rolls
Cocktail Sausages
Pasta Salad
Rice Salad

                       CHRISTMAS MENU


All Prices Per Head

N.B.  Cost of entry to Club is not included

















(Large parties and buffets need a deposit in advance) 
Other meals available on request

Must be pre-ordered at least a week in advance as cooked to order


To book a meal telephone Brian or Fran – number at top of page.
Or email

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