Quiz no.16 was won by Gordon Thomson with ten out of ten correct. Margaret Brown was second out of the Stetson, also with ten out of ten.  Why not try your luck ?

  1. Her real name was Annie McGowan, by what name was she better known ?
  2. This song was a number 1 hit for Marie Osmond and Dan Seals. Can you name it?
  3. In 1962this country singer was the first living person to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Who was he ?
  4.  Still on the Hall of Fame, who were the first three inductees ?
  5.  Which film did Dolly Parton’s  “I Will Always Love You” come from ?
  6. What was Willie Nelson’s first number 1 song ?
  7. This country rock band was originally called Pogo after a comic strip, but later changed it to what ?
  8. Can you name Randy Travis’s first release on Warner Brothers Records ? It was on the soundtrack of the film “Rustler’s Rhapsody”.
  9. Which country artist sang “The Fire” on the soundtrack of the film “The River” starring Sissy Spacek ?
  10. Can you name the five country singers who starred in the C.B.S. television movie “Stagecoach” .


    1. Dan Seals.

    2.  Mark Knopfler.

    3.  Jon Conlee.

    4.  Yes.

    5.  Dottie West.

     6.  Rosanne Cash.

      7.  Roy Clark.

      8.  David Allan Coe.

       9.  Alabama.

       10. Debbie Boone, with her father, Pat Boone, and her                                   grandfather, Red Foley.