Big D’s Country Music Quiz No.10

The winner of the last Quiz was Margaret Brown, who must have found the questions in CMDS.  Sincere apologies, for some reason, Quiz No.9 was omitted from the website although it appeared in CMDS magazine. We are now jumpingto No.10 !


  1. Can you name the two Johnny Horton songs hat were inspired by the 49th State ?
  2. What were the Statler Brothers known as before they became The Statlers ?
  3. Who was Emmylou Harris’s singing partner on “That Loving Feeling Again” in 1980 ?
  4. Who wrote Tammy Wynette’s big hit, “Apartment No.9” ?
  5. This former Male Vocalist of the Year was once the lead singer for Pure Prairie League. Who is he ?
  6. Willie Nelson has appeared in several films. Can you name the first one ?
  7. Name the song by Michael Martin Murphey which became an anthem for the Indian Rights Movement.
  8. On PorterWagoner’s television show, who was his first female singing partner ?
  9. George Jones recorded a duet entitled “We Must Have been Out of Our Minds” in 1963 with which female singer ?
  10. Can you name the first Western movie, filmed in 1903 ?


      Answers to Quiz No. 9

1.  Timi Yuro.
2.  Alabama in 1922.They won it the next two consecutive years as well.
3.  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
4.  Floyd Cramer.
5. David Allan Coe.
6. Virginia Patterson Hensley.
7.  Boxcar Willie.
8.  I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party.
9.   ” Young Love”.
10.  Hank Williams, Jnr. and Marie Osmond.













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