Big D’s Country Music  Quiz  No.1

From this month the quiz will be bi-monthly and will also appear in the magazine, Scottish Country Music & Dance.

  1. Name the male countrysinger whose Dad had a No.1 hit song in 1949, the same year he was born.
  2. Which country music singer’s Mother co-wrote the classic, “Heartbreak Hotel” ?
  3. The given name for this ‘King of Honky Tonk’, originally from Meridian, Mississippi, is Marion. By what name do we know this country artist who has his own theatre in Branson, Missouri?
  4. Lefty Frizzell had a No.1 hit in 1964 with a song about a city. Can you name it?
  5. Which of Roseanne Cash’s hits was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney?
  6. Only one person has a Mother, an Aunt, an Uncle and a Husband in the Country Muusic Hall of Fame. Can you name this country artist?
  7. Who wrote the hit song, “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”?
  8. Which country star once toured with The Beach Boys as a replacement for Brian Wilson ?
  9. Name the country artist who once starred as an Indian Chief in the movie “Trail of Tears”?.
  10. Years are sometimes used as song titles, such as Randy Travis’s “1982”.  John Anderson’s first top ten hit was also entitled using a year. Do you know which year it was?

e-mail your answers by 31st July to willie.downie@ntlworld.com or print out and hand into the club for his attention. Remember to include your name and  a contact number.

Answers to Quiz 58

  1. Roger Miller and King 0f the Road.
  2. Leona Williams.
  3. Hendersonville, Tennessee.
  4. ‘Walker Woods’.
  5. Billy Walker.
  6. ‘Jeremiah Peabody’s Polyunsaturated, Quick Dissolving, Fast Acting, Pleasant Tasting Green and Purple Pills’.
  7. Merle Kilgore.
  8.  “Touch Me”.
  9. San Antonio Rose.
  10. It was the 25th anniversary of his signing for RCA Records and his 30th posthumous hit for the label.

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