Big D’s Country Music  Quiz  No.2

There were two all correct answers to Quiz No.1. First out of the hat was Gordon Thomson (of ‘Rambling Fever’ fame). Why not try your luck with this one? O.K. It would appear there are some brains under those Stetsons, but just to be sure, I have made these a little less ‘Google’ friendly. Big D.

  1. Name the two male artists who had their final performance at the same venue, and were both married at different times to the same woman, leaving her the widow of a country music legend twice. (A bonus point if you can name the venue).
  2. Name the only artist who has been inducted into the C.M.A’s Country Music Hall of Fame twice, first as a member of a group, and then as a solo artist.
  3. He was hit by four bullets from an assailant in the parking lot of a Music Row hotel while he and a friend were returning from celebrating the completion of his debut album. Can you name him?
  4. Who was the first country artist to play Carnegie Hall?
  5. Alabama stayed at the top of Billboard’s Album Charts for 28 weeks. Can you name the artist and album that broke that record?
  6. Can you name Crystal Gayle’s sister who often tours with her as a backing singer?
  7. Reba McEntire was once asked to audition for a movie to portray the friend of  country superstar. Reba declined the audition. Can you name the movie?
  8.  Name the first country music album to enter Billboard’s charts in the No.1 position.
  9.  Porter Wagoner’s all-female band was named after a hit duet he recorded with Dolly Parton. Can you name the band?
  10.  Can you name the two movies that Don Williams has appeared in with Burt Reynolds.

e-mail your answers by 31st August to willie.downie@ntlworld.com or print out and hand into the club for his attention. Remember to include your name and  a contact number.

Answers to Quiz 1

  1. Hank Williams, Jnr ; his Dad’s hit, “Lovesick Blues” spent 16 weeks at No.1 that year.
  2. Hoyt Axton : his Mother, Mae Boren Axton was the co-writer.
  3. Moe Bandy.
  4. “Saginaw, Michigan”.
  5.  “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”.
  6. June Carter Cash. Members of the Hall of Fame include her Mother, Maybelle, Aunt Sara, and Uncle A.P., all members of the Carter Family and, of course, her husband, Johnny Cash.
  7. Ed Bruce and his former wife, Patsy.
  8. Glen Campbell.
  9. Johnny Cash.
  10. “1959”.

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