1. Big D’s Country Music Quiz  No. 16

      Quiz no.15 was won by  Margaret Brown.  Can anyone stop her ? Not if you don’t enter.    Big D.

      1. This country singer was part of a duo in the 70s who had a hit in the pop charts. He was raised in Texas by a father who played with Ernest Tubb. He joined the family bandwhen he was only four years old, playing (wait for it) stand up bass. Who is he ?
      2. He has been described as a guitar wizard. He has won a Grammy – Country Instrumental Award and a Country Vocal Collaberation Award.  He was born in Glasgow.  Name him.
      3. This artist had a top ten country hit with “Busted”. When he sings it, fans have taken to approaching the stage with dollar bills.  He donates these to Feed The Children Charity in Yes Oklahoma.  Do you know who he is ?
      4. Did Charlie Daniels play fiddle on “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” ? or No.
      5. Which country artist sent Larry Gatlin a plane ticket to come to Nashville because of his songwriting talents ?
      6. What country singer and daughter of a country legend once suffered such stage fright she forgot to turn on her guitar amp for the entire performance.
      7. Which country entertainer was chosen the Picker of the Year” by Playboy Magazine, not once but three times ?
      8. Which singer broke into the business by parking a white hearse with his name on it in front of the Opry day after day ?
      9. Who puts on the annual June Jam ?
      • Name the only artist with a number one record whose father and grandfather also had number one records.



      Answers to Quiz No.15


      1. Shelby Lynne.
      2. John Anderson.
      3. Kitty Wells.
      4. Merle Travis.
      5. Randy Travis with “Always And Forever”.
      6. Mary- Chapin Carpenter.
      7. Dan Seals.
      8. Jimmy Rodgers.
      9. “Sing a Sad Song”.
      • “Never Giving Up On Love”.