Big D’s Country Music  Quiz  No.6

Just for a change (and a possible way of beating Margaret Brown who has won again this month with 9 out of 10 correct answers), I have compiled 10 anagrams of country singers old and new. Just unscramble as many as you can and send them in. Good luck. Big D.

  1. The Kit Boy.
  2. Tall Moth.
  3. Jean on Salad.
  4. My Makers Wash.
  5. Mailer Tram Band.
  6. Peachy Ridler.
  7. Try Lost Waif.
  8. Best Burnet.
  9. Doe Dunce Warrior.
  10. Eat new Song.

e-mail your answers by 5th May to willie.downie@ntlworld.com or print out and hand into the club for his attention. Remember to include your name and  a contact number.

Answers to Quiz 5

  1. George Burns, at the age of 84. The song was , “I Wish I Was Eighteen Again”.
  2. Her Grandfather’s murderer.
  3. George Strait.
  4. Johnny Rodriguez.
  5. Ronnie Milsap and “Make No Mistake, She’s Mine”.
  6. Mickey Gilley in 1997 and Freddie Hart in 1972.
  7. Bill Lloyd, formerly with Foster and Lloyd.
  8. 22, during radio broadcasts some listeners thought he sounded like an old man. That gave him the idea to create this life-long character.
  9. Dolly Parton.
  10. “What’s Your Mama’s Name” in 1993. Although “Delta Dawn” was her first big hit, it never reached No.1.

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