Big D’s Country Music Trivia Quiz No.58

Last month’s quiz was won by Margaret Brown with 8 correct answers. Can you beat that?

  1. This country singer once had a chain of hotels named after one of his hit songs. Who was he and what are they called?
  2. She was born in Vienna, Missouri. She became part of The Helton Family Band along with her Mum, Dad and eleven brothers and sisters. Who is she?
  3. Johnny Cash is the only country singer to have a road named after him (Johnny Cash Parkway). But where is it?
  4. Ed Bruce is famous for writing “Mammas Don’t let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”, but what was his debut song on the country charts?
  5. He was originally known as “The Travelling Texan- The Masked Singer of Country Songs”. By what name is he better known?
  6. In 1961 Ray Stevens reached the charts with what must be the longest song title of all time. Can you name it?
  7. Johnny Cash and June Carter were married in 1968. Which country singer was their best man?
  8. Willie Nelson first appeared on the country charts with what song?
  9. Which well known Bob Wills song was recorded by Bing Crosby? It was a hit in 1941.
  10. What was significant about Jim Reeves’s 1980 single, “There’s Always Me”?

e-mail your answers by 30th April to willie.downie@ntlworld.com or print out and hand into the club for his attention. Remember to include your name and  a contact number.

Answers to Quiz 57

  1. “Lost in the Fifties Tonight”.
  2. Kentucky Gambler.
  3. Rob Crosby
  4.  “Crazy Feeling” (when he was just 19 years old).
  5. Mickey Gilley in 1977 and Freddie Hart in 1972.
  6. “Working My Way To The Bottom”, recorded by Roy Drusky.
  7. “Sing A Sad Song”.
  8. “What’s Your Mamma’s Name?” (“Delta Dawn” was her first hit, but it never reached No.1).
  9.  Ronnie Milsap.
  10. Sonny James.

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