Big D’s Country Music  Quiz  No.4

Quiz No.3 was won by Gordon Thomson (again), with 10 points. Second was Linda Logan with 7 points. Can you beat them this time?

  1. Can you name two female artists who were married on Valentine’s Day, one in 1988 and the other in 1991?
  2. Since there is no Statler Brother, do you know where the group got its name?
  3. This group were sometimes known as The M.G.M Band in their early days because they were the house band at the M.G.M. Club in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Can you name them?
  4. Which Conway Twitty hit was requested by a team of astronauts on a joint USA/USSR space mission?
  5. This country great was one of Nashville’s most remarkable guitar players. He was born with the surname of Hubbard in Atlanta, Georgie. Can you name him?
  6.  Elvis Presley expressed his faith in this singer’ songwriter’s ability by giving him a customised tour bus. Can you name this artist?
  7. Name the female country artist of the 90s who was a figure skating champion during her high school years.
  8. Sonny James produced this singer’s first country hit when she was just 13. Who is she?
  9. This country gal started playing in bars when she was just 14. At one time she considered being a teacher and attended the University of Texas. She has written a novel entitled, “Two of a Kind Heart”. Who is she?
  10. This country singer was born in Rayne, Louisiana, where his parents gave him an accordion for his fourth birthday. When he was six, he had his own early morning radio show. Can you name him?

e-mail your answers by 30th December to willie.downie@ntlworld.com or print out and hand into the club for his attention. Remember to include your name and  a contact number.

Answers to Quiz 3

  1.  Lisa Hartman.
  2. George Strait, “Marina Del Rey”, “Ocean Front Property”, and “The Chair”, are just a few of those hits.
  3. Keith Whitley and “When a Tear becomes a Rose”, with Lorrie Morgan.
  4. Marty Robbins.
  5. Norma Jean.
  6. “Everybody’s Dream Girl”.
  7. Willie Nelson.
  8. David Houston and their first duet single was “My Elusive Dreams” in 1967.
  9. Reba McEntire.
  10. Waylon Jennings.

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