Big D’s Country Music  Quiz  No.5

Quiz No.4 was won by Margaret Brown, with 10 points. Please note, although the Quiz is now bi-monthly, entries have to be in one month after appearing on the website. This is for publication in Country Music & Dance in Scotland & Ireland the following month.  Thanks, Big D.

  1. Can you name the oldest recording artist ever to have a country hit?
  2. For Skeeter Davis’s autobiography, she interviewed one very significant person while conducting her research. Do you know who it was?
  3. This country gentleman graduated from college with a degree in agriculture and managed a ranch before becoming a country singer. Who is he?
  4. This country singer came to Nashville from his home state of Texas with a one-way Greyhound bus ticket and his guitar wrapped in plastic. By the time he was 20, he’d chalked up more than 10 number one hits. Name him.
  5. Kenny Rogers has recorded duets with several female artists over the years,  but can you name the male artist with whom he recorded a 1987 hit? Also, what is the name of the song?
  6. Garth Brooks made country music history when he won an unprecedented six awards from the ACM in April of 1991. Previously, two artists had each won five in one year. Can you name them?
  7. What member of a former male duo named his first child Ryman after the famous Ryman Auditorium?
  8. Grandpa Jones began to be known as “Grandpa” at what age?
  9.  This country star was born and raised in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, on a farm. Her middle name is Rebecca. Who is she?
  10. What was Tanya Tucker’s first number one single?

e-mail your answers by 28th February to willie.downie@ntlworld.com or print out and hand into the club for his attention. Remember to include your name and  a contact number.

Answers to Quiz 4

  1. Kathy Mattea married John Vezner in 1958, and Pam Tillis married Bob De Piero in 1991.
  2. From a box of Statler tissues they found in a hotel room.
  3. Shenandoah.
  4. “Hello Darlin”.
  5. Jerry Reed.
  6. T.G. Sheppard.
  7. Mary Chapin-Carpenter.
  8. Marie Osmond. The hit was Paper Roses”.
  9. Nanci Griffith.
  10. J0-El Sonnier

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